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A1: Word or not, you be the judge.

A1: Word or not, you be the judge.

WTF? I mean, really, WTF?

After you get past all of the standalone, suffix and prefix usages of the word a, the second word in my dictionary is A1.

I forget. Did I ask WTF?

Words are supposed to contain letters of the alphabet, right? A hyphen is acceptable in compound words. And apostrophes are warmly welcomed in possessive forms and, shudder, contractions. But that’s pretty much the limit to the exceptions to the alphabetic characters-only rule.

Well, let me direct your attention to the second and last character in A1. Now, I ask you, does that look like an alphabetic character, hyphen, or apostrophe to you? No, it does not. It’s an errant number trying to sneak into where it doesn’t belong, our vocabulary.

Considering how offensive it is for a number to usurp the rightful role of a letter—I’m sure the letters’ union will have something to say about that.

I should not comment on this “word” at all, but it’s in my dictionary so, by the rules of this project, I must.

A1 means top rate. It’s also the highest rating of a ship for insurance purposes. Enough said. A1 also has a meaning for some credit-rating agencies, but because my dictionary doesn’t provide that definition I’m, thankfully, excused from touching  on it.

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