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I suppose it makes some poetic sense for the word abandon to toss out the word abandoned and force it to get its own entry in the dictionary, but would it have been terribly difficult to include it as part of one big, happy abandon family? I think not.

Sure, abandoned works as an adjective only with that ed on the end, whereas abandon serves as a verb or a noun on its own. But its not as if the abandon entry in the dictionary turned its back on abandoned altogether. It still accepts abandoned within its tribe when it’s the past tense of the verb abandon.

If abandon and the adjective abandoned had learned to get along and they were, then, able to share a dictionary entry, it would have consumed less space. If the dictionary sold well that reduced space requirement would have saved a tree or two in the forest. And the world would have been an environmentally better place, not to mention a more lexically congenial place.

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