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If you saw the previous entry, abbey, you knew this was coming, what with the spoiler for abbot that I had to put in the abbey entry and all. If you didn’t see the previous entry, it’s now inconveniently located immediately below this entry because that’s the way this sort of technology rolls.

An abbot is the head guy at an abbey populated with monks. If the monks who formerly resided in the abbey deserted it I guess there wouldn’t be any need for an abbot anymore. Besides, he’d get pretty lonely rattling around there all by himself.

Because I talked about abbots in the abbey entry, there’s not much left for me to say about them here. However, there are two things I am wondering about. First, when did abbots drop the second “t” from their job title? And two, did all abbots have sidekicks named Castello or was it just that one? It is possible that I’m confused about these points.

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