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Would it have killed them, whoever the hell “them” is when it comes to coining new words, to come up with a shorter word for abbreviate? In my opinion, it should have been the third one letter word, in addition to a and I? Then the word would be true to its, well, true to its word.

To be pronounceable, it would pretty much have to be a vowel, but that’s not such a hardship. E, o, and u never get out on their own. Any of them could easily be pressed into service to create a nice, short word for the action that we’ve saddled with the ten-letter word abbreviate.

Oh, I forgot to mention, abbreviate means to create and/or use a shortened form of something, particularly a word, to make it briefer without totally obscuring its meaning. That, latter condition, not totally obscuring its meaning, is, regrettably, not universally obeyed. However, if everyone is consistent in how they abbreviate things eventually we’ll all learn what the lazy bastards are trying to say.

Until 2006 there was mercifully little abbreviating done in writing intended to be read by anyone other than the writer. Then came Twitter with its 140-character limitation. Now abbreviating, and in particular incomprehensible abbreviating, is rampant.

I h8 it. Don’t u agree that ppl who abbr like this r lazy, effing, bastrds? Props 2 any1 who rages against it.

By the way, the previous paragraph had only 110 characters, so I could have tweeted it and still had room for some hashtags. Ooh, I wonder if my dictionary has hashtag in it. I’m eager to get to the H words so I can find out. What I particularly like about the thought of getting to the Hs is that I will then have already gone through the Fs, which, if the dictionary I’m using is open-minded, will give me a word to use when speaking about or to people who over-abbreviate.

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