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One definition of aberrant is deviating from what is “right” or “normal”. I have two questions or, better yet, call them problems with this definition: First, who gets to define what is right? I know for a fact that nobody surveyed me on that.

Because there are so many different ways to possibly be aberrant we could eliminate global unemployment by setting up the mechanisms necessary to run referendums on what is “right” in every instance. That hardly seems worth it, but it’s unjust be be labeled aberrant based solely on one or a small number of people’s opinions.

Second, normal? What the hell is normal? In my limited experience of the world there is one hell of a lot of variation in behaviors and actions out there. In fact, I suspect that variation is the rule and consistency is the exception. If so, “normal” is aberrant and and “deviation” is normal. But that’s just my perspective on things, yours may be different and, in my opinion, therefore, aberrant.

Aberrant also means deviating from the normal or natural type. I don’t see much daylight between these two definitions of aberrant. I suspect that a dictionary-writer probably felt the need to justify his or her salary by adding some more words to the entry for aberrant.

I’m struggling to find an example to give you to illustrate what aberrant behavior might be, but I’m too busy trying to write commentaries on every word in the dictionary to be able to come up with anything.

Wow! That example was much easier than I thought.

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