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An abeyance is a temporary suspension of an activity or project or temporary inactivity. Reaching this word provides me with a golden opportunity to take a break from this Words Project as a way of providing a practical example of the meaning of the word abeyance.

But, no. I’ll press on. Just saying that putting a temporary halt to this project would be an example of putting something into abeyance is sufficient to illustrate the point.

My loyal reader, if I ever get one, would be disappointed if I held this project in abeyance. I owe it to him or her—or, at least, to the concept of him or her because I doubt that he or she will ever exist in reality—to persevere.

Then again, maybe I’m forgoing the abeyance option, not out of a sense of duty to my possible future reader, but because I have an obsessive personality. That may be so, but I much prefer the “serving my, possibly fictional, loyal reader” explanation. You be the judge.

Whatever the case, serving a fictional loyal reader or compulsiveness, onward; ever onward.

Besides, an abeyance is only a temporary, not a permanent cessation. So I might as well keep going and get this ridiculous job done sometime before I die.

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