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I am now thoroughly convinced that the English language is out to get me and it’s determined to hinder me in my quest to comment on every word in the dictionary. Case in point: When I saw the word abhorrent show up on page two, the next word down from abhor, I made the same mistake that I did with aberrant and aberration just a few short words ago.

I assumed that I would be able to say simply that abhorrent means “worthy of being abhorred” and then call it a day. I even harbored thoughts of cheating and lumping abhorrent in with abhor to save myself a little work.

But, noooooo! The English language isn’t going to let me get away with that. Abhorrent has a couple of other meanings as well. And they deserve comments in their own right.

Abhorrent also means opposed or contrary to. Considering that abhorrent already serves a useful purpose, and there are already perfectly good ways of saying opposed or contrary to, I abhor the fact that abhorrent is being asked to do double duty in this way. It’s not fair to the word and it’s creating extra work for me.

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