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An ablution is the washing of your body or a body part. However, to be considered an ablution it usually has to be a ritual, possibly religious, cleansing activity.

If, on the other hand, you merely lather up some soap and then rinse it off with water, without thinking about or paying the least attention to what you are doing, then it’s not generally called an ablution.

Of course, if you do wash yourself with absolutely no attention whatsoever to what you are doing you might accidentally splash a lot of water and white, liquid soap on you, possibly in a rather embarrassing place.

So, maybe you should think of doing ablutions rather than your normal, careless, post-toilet washroom activities. But it’s up to you. It’s a free world.

That is to say, the part of the world I’m writing this in (Canada) is relatively free. I can’t speak for wherever you are. For all I know, you might have had to bypass some heavy-handed government firewall to read this. If so, thank you. I can’t believe you would go to that trouble just to read this nonsense. Having now read this, you probably can’t believe it either.

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