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Here’s a point you likely won’t be interested in in the least. The New Penguin English Dictionary (1986), the dictionary I’m following in this quest, includes the word abo, but the word processing software I’m using to write this entry (Pages) puts a red, dashed line under abo every time I type it. A red, dashed underline is Pages polite way of say, “You are a freaking idiot of epic proportions. That thing you just typed there is not a legitimate word, at least, not any word I know and I know everything.”

Alright, maybe I’m reading too much into that red, dashed underline, but you get the point. Pages doesn’t think abo is a word. The New Penguin English Dictionary does. This presents a conundrum. However, seeing as though I’ve already set The New Penguin English Dictionary as my standard, I’ve decided to include an entry for it. You likely have already surmised that based on the fact that the word abo is here.

I never heard of the word abo before, and I’m guessing that many other people haven’t either, so I suppose I should say what it means. Abo, which is often, but not always capitalized, is a term for an Australian aborigine. Maybe you have to be an Australian to know that.

Warning: Abo is generally considered to be a derogatory term, so now that you’ve learned what it means, forget that you ever learned it and never use it. Aborigines, Australian or otherwise, don’t deserve to be derided. That is to say, they don’t deserved to be derided as a group. As with pretty well every segment of the world’s population larger than, say, five people, I’m sure there are one or two who aren’t entirely wonderful, but that’s neither here nor there.

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