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An aborigine is an Australian aboriginal person.

Aboriginal means … No, I’m not going to tell you. Don’t be so lazy. Aboriginal was a long entry. Look it up yourself. Aboriginal is the word immediately before aborigine in my dictionary, which means that, if all is right with the world, it should appear immediately below this entry.

Much to my surprise, my dictionary also provided a derogatory term for aborigine, but not in the aborigine entry. The derogatory term was given the honor of its own entry, which comes before several words before aborigine in the dictionary.

Because that derogatory term is in my dictionary, I followed my rules and posted a commentary about it. However, because I’m not in favor of promoting derogatory terms I won’t repeat it here. If you’re a politically incorrect person who wants to make use of it for whatever sick reason you might have you’ll have to hunt for it. I won’t help you.

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