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Jeez, I just get finished tiptoeing around the words abort and abortion due to the explosiveness of many discussions that include those words and I come across another related word, abortive. Fortunately, despite having abort as its root, the word abortive rarely raises ire in people who speak, hear or read it. On the other hand, people who, against their will and without anesthetic, have it carved into their forearms with a dirty potato peeler might be a tad upset about it, but that’s not relevant to this discussion.

Abortive simply means fruitless or unsuccessful. Are you looking for a sentence using abortive? Although I can’t be certain now, I am reasonably confident that at some point, “My project to provide a commentary on every word in the dictionary will prove to be an abortive attempt.”

Another definition of abortive is imperfectly formed or rudimentary, as in “The concept of this project is abortive.”

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