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For such a seemingly subdued little word, about has a lot of meanings—more than I can count. Sorry, that’s a lie. I can count them, at least I can count the ones listed in my dictionary—who knows if it missed any? I just choose not to because I’m incredibly lazy.

Let’s prance quickly through a few of those meanings, shall we? Depending on its context about can mean:

  • approximately (The bastards have fired about 2,000 employees.)

  • almost (The bastards have fired just about 2,000 employees.)

  • concerning (This incredibly stupid project is about words.)

  • close (Evil people are about.)

  • surrounding (Danger is all about.)

  • soon  (This argument is about to get nasty.)

  • engaged in (Sadism is what he is all about.)

Jeez, I never realized what a negative word about can be.

There are a few other uses of about, but it’s such a simple and unassuming word that I think it’s about time that I leave it alone and go on about my work.

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