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above mentioned

Above mentioned is two words, not one. This makes me wonder why it needs to be in the dictionary at all.

Above mentioned means that which was mentioned above. Duh.

To my mind, that doesn’t need a dictionary entry. It’s self-explanatory. If some people can’t figure it out, don’t let them get away with being lazy. Force them to look up above and mentioned separately and piece above mentioned together for themselves.

To be clear, the dictionary I’m using for this project doesn’t give “that which was mentioned above” as the definition of above mentioned. That was my interpretation. Instead, it says simply “aforementioned.”

I cannot think of anything more ridiculous. Which is someone less likely to know:

    1. the meaning of, above mentioned, two words that are widely used and understood and which, when used together, means exactly what you would think it would means, or

    2. the meaning of aforementioned, a single word that is not used often?

My verdict: Leave above mentioned out of the dictionary because it’s not a single word and the phrase is quite easy to figure out based on the meanings of its constituent words.

That having been said, some people may need a definition of aforementioned. So, because it is a single word, there is no question about it. Aforementioned definitely does belong in the dictionary.

By the way, if when I reach aforementioned in the dictionary it says only “above mentioned” my head is going to explode. You’ve been warned. (Endless loop: See loop, endless.  … Loop, endless: See endless loop.)

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