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Being aboveboard means that you are not trying to hide anything and you are not being deceitful with what you disclose.

As we all know, because of new regulations and increased oversight due to past scandals, we now have complete confidence that 100 percent of our politicians and financiers are always aboveboard with us. As if.

P.S.: All kidding aside, before people start pegging me as a commie pinko for mocking some of the financiers among us, I feel the need to state that I can probably be best described as at least somewhat right of center on fiscal issues and at least somewhat left of center on social issues.

In truth, I believe that most of our politicians and financiers attempt to be generally truthful, or some reasonable facsimile thereof, most of the time, and some of them try all of the time. However, there are, in my opinion, a small percentage who, rather than being aboveboard, are dirty, rotten scoundrels, to put it mildly and diplomatically. That having been said, this is probably the case in most, if not all professions, although the percentages may vary up or down somewhat depending on the profession.

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