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When you are walking on a busy sidewalk, minding your own business, has anyone carrying a large, solid package with hard, sharp edges ever scraped the package forcefully against your arm? If so, I’m really sorry about that. It wasn’t on purpose. I don’t pay nearly enough attention when I’m walking. Instead, my mind is usually lost in space. I can’t apologize often enough.

I bring this up to, in addition to apologizing, let you know that the red, ugly, scraped area on your arm is an abrasion. I thought you, and my readers (should they ever come here and become my readers), would want to know what it’s called. You’re welcome.

Another definition of abrasion is the act of grinding, wearing or rubbing down something.

For example, when you are sanding wood with sandpaper, that’s abrasion. When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore; but that’s totally irrelevant to this discussion.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be wood. It can be anything, including, I suppose, flesh. However, this second definition seems to me to imply intent. I believe that all violence against other people, except in self-defense, is morally reprehensible. Consequently, without a lawyer present, I would never admit to the act of abrasion upon someone else’s skin without their express consent. So, I have nothing to apologize for that involves this other definition of abrasion, at least, that is to say, I have nothing that I would apologize for without first consulting with a lawyer.

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