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When you say that someone is abrupt you mean that he or she is discourteously blunt. That’s normally considered to be a bad thing except, possibly, by the abrupt person.

Abrupt can also mean suddenly and unexpectedly as in, “After seeing little Johnny puke undigested seafood on little Suzzie the teacher abruptly passed out.” I don’t know how often that happens, but it’s nice to have the word abrupt handy in our linguistic satchel to succinctly describe the suddenness and unexpectedness of the teacher’s faint when it does.

Somewhat related, you can also use abrupt to indicate that something has ended sharply and prematurely. An example of this use might be the following, brief obituary: “His life ended abruptly upon hitting the ground after jumping out of an airplane at 20,000 feet to test his theory that spreading your arms widely when wearing a one-size-too-large t-shirt will provide as much drag as a parachute.”

Another example of something that illustrates this “ending sharply and prematurely” meaning of abrupt is

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