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Absent can mean not here or, in extreme cases, not even existing.

That doesn’t necessarily mean not physically here. Your body can be present, while your mind is allegedly somewhere else, probably off in a raunchy pub enjoying a beer and some spicy chicken wings.

The mind has has all of the fun, goddammit, while the body has to put up with all of the material crap. Is that fair? I ask you, is that fair?

Sorry. I got carried away. When your mind is, figuratively speaking, of course, somewhere else you might be referred to as being absent.

Absent can also be a verb. For example you can absent yourself from work. However, be warned, absenting yourself from work might get you in one hell of a lot of trouble if you do it too often without valid excuses.

I won’t say anything more about absenting yourself from work because that foreshadows the next couple of entries. So, rather than say here everything I want to say in those entries and then have nothing to add when I get to them, I’ll now absent myself from the writing of this entry.

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