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I wear contact lenses. The brand I use recommends replacing my lenses with fresh ones twice a month. To ensure that I don’t forget, I have set recurring twice-monthly reminders in my calendar on my Mac  computer.

Apple products have something called iCloud that, among other things, synchronizes my iPhone, iPad and Mac calendars through a Web-based cloud. As a result these semi-monthly reminders automatically ring a chime and display textual notes on all three devices at the time I set, namely 8:00 a.m. on the appropriate days.

I work at home and, to give my eyes a bit of a rest, I typically don’t put my contacts in first thing in the morning. Instead, unless I’m going somewhere, I’ll depend on glasses for the first two, three or sometimes even four or more hours of the non-sleeping portion of my day. As a result, I usually see and hear an alarm three times—once on each device—before I get around to putting in my contact lenses.

You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this in an entry on the word absentminded. Be patient. I’m getting to it.

Often, including on the most recent lens-changing day, I’ll see the three notices and mentally remind myself to change my lenses a number of times during those few contact-less morning hours,. When I begin the washroom routines that include putting in my contact lenses, I’ll remind myself again. Then, my mind wanders onto something else that, for whatever reason, I thought was important or interested me a the time. Just minutes later, I’ll often have forgotten to pull out new contact lenses and I’ll put the old ones in instead.

You now have an example of absentmindedness. Absentminded means to be lost in thought to the point where you are practically oblivious to your current surroundings and actions.

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