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Absorb has a lot of uses. For example, it can mean to incorporate into a greater whole. An example of this usage might be, “The huge corporation absorbed one of its competitors and fired all of the former competitor’s employees. Bastards!”

Of course, that would come from a left-winger. A right-winger might say the same thing, but in a slightly different way, such as, “The huge corporation absorbed one of its competitors and right-sized its operations, allowing the corporation to reduce costs and, therefore, offer better pricing to its customers. Benevolent geniuses!”

Absorb can also mean “suck up.” However, this is not suck up as in “suck up to your boss.” That’s called brown-nosing or ass-kissing and it is something completely different. Instead, we’re talking here about, for example, a sponge absorbing, i.e., sucking up, water.

The word absorb, or a derivative thereof, might be used to describe someone who is fully engrossed in an activity. For instance, you might hear someone say, “He is fully absorbed in reading news of the political party’s recent scandals, which explains the steam coming out of his ears and the swearing and venom spewing from his mouth.”

Absorb can also mean to take in, transform and not retransmit. An example of this usage might be, “The earth absorbed the sun’s rays converting them into heat that couldn’t escape the Earth’s atmosphere due to the greenhouse effect, thereby giving eco-activists and eco-terrorists new excuses to keep busy.”

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