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I wrote a lengthy entry on abstract two words ago. Then I got thrown off by the word abstracted, thinking it was closely related to abstract when it’s not. Now here I am at abstraction, which is related to both abstract and abstracted. Well, this entry will probably be short.

One meaning of abstraction is an idea or term that has been rendered abstract. (See abstract)

Another meaning of abstraction is absentmindedness. (See abstracted)

Hmm. I was right. This entry is short. I bet you’re relieved about that, but if you are then why are you bothering to read this stuff anyway? I mean, don’t get me wrong. I greatly appreciate you dropping by and reading these words, but if you find this boring, if I’m keeping you up, haven’t you got better things to do? Not that I’d prefer you do those other things rather than reading this, you understand. I’m just saying.

Fine. I think I’ve padded this entry enough now. Time to move on.

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