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If I were to formulate and deposit on the Internet, in so much as anyone actually “deposits” anything on the internet, an entry with a moniker of “abstruse,” such as this one, in which I was very clear and understandable when expounding on or deconstructing the subject matter of which and to which I was, so to speak, addressing, that would seem to me to be, on the balance of things, self-contradictory. So, I will have to but the full weight of my efforts into doing that which is not such.

Abstruse, if you didn’t know and haven’t figured out means obscure and difficult to understand.

Sometimes I think that some politicians take courses in being abstruse. That way, when they don’t do what we thought they said they would do, and we subsequently accuse them of breaking their promises, they can claim that we misunderstood what they were saying.

They’re probably right about that. We weren’t supposed to understand. Us understanding them would be an inconvenience to politicians who want to maintain enough wiggle room for a herd of elephants to squeeze through. Hence the intentional abstruseness.

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