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I predict that sometime in the next few years all dictionaries will add the following to their entries for the word absurd. “Absurd: Undertaking a project to single-handedly write comments that are often, but not always, snide on every single damned word in the dictionary and/or on notions evoked by those words.”

Classier dictionaries will probably leave out the word damned. Anti-superfluousness and anti-redundancy sticklers will likely leave out the word single. But that will be the gist of the new definition or, more accurately, new example of an existing definition.

Absurd means ridiculous and/or meaningless or the state of being ridiculous and/or meaningless.

I think that we can all agree that this words project of mine is absurd and that I’m absurd for undertaking it. It’s heart-warming to know that we concur on that. Universal consensus might not make for lively debate, but it does make for a more harmonious world. I’m proud and pleased that I can do my bit for world peace, absurd though my bit might be.

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