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Abundant is a noun that means a large amount, or considerable wealth or influence.

For example, you might say to your boss, “I have an abundance of work that I have been completing faithfully and well, but I am receiving an abundance of disrespect from you, while being paid slave wages as compensation, asshole. Screw you.”

Take note: If you are thinking of saying that then, unless you have an abundance of cash you can draw on, I recommend that you first have another job lined up. Consider that a little friendly advice that you might want to follow if you want to avoid an abundance of calls from debt collectors.

Abundance can also refer to the plentifulness of an object, possibly a living object, relative to other things in the area under discussion or relative to what one might expect or hope for in that area.

For example, one might say, “Cockroaches have reproduced in abundance in this restaurant. Whip out your cellphone and call the heath department. Now! And let’s get the hell out of here before they serve the meal.”

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