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This entry on the word abundant is going to be a horrible letdown coming so soon after, i.e., immediately following, the entry on the word abundance. Sorry about that. Blame the dictionary, not me.

On the other hand, if you missed the entry on abundance when it was published, and you are reading this on the home page of my Words Project, then abundant will have pushed abundance down a slot and you’ll read this first. Wasn’t that a stroke of genius on my part and a stroke of good luck on yours?

Abundant is an adjective meaning that whatever you are talking about is plentiful or in ample supply. It also means happening in abundance, such as abundant abuse. Please forgive me for being downbeat merely to be alliterative with that example, and for foreshadowing the next word entry.

I can’t think of anything else whatsoever to say about abundant, which makes it abundantly clear that I’m growing tired of this project. But never fear, I won’t let my imaginary readers down. I will push on.

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