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The first definition that The New Penguin English Dictionary (1986) provides for abutment is “the place at which abutting occurs.” Is it just that I have a diseased mind, or does that sound like something that would garner you disapproving looks and, in some jurisdictions, an arrest by the local constabulary, if you did it in public?

I can just hear the disparaging remarks. “Those two are like rutting pigs, abutting with wild abandon; and in public no less. It’s distasteful and disgraceful. Sure, people go a-wassailing out in the open, for all to see at Christmas-time, and that’s perfectly fine in my books provided they don’t get carried away. But abutting? That’s something that should be done the privacy of one’s home, if at all.”

Of course, that’s not what abutting means and, therefore, abutment is not a place where such promiscuous interaction of backsides takes place. If you want to know what abutting means, please see my entry on the word abut. Better yet, consult a dictionary. It has a much better chance of being accurate.

An abutment can also be the part of a structure that is intended to directly receive a force that might be thrown against the building.

I’m going to move on because I’m having difficulty getting the image of those rutting butts out of my mind while working on this entry. Damn, the least you two could do is go to a gym and tone-up those butts a bit.

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