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When I saw academician appear right after academic in my list of words to comment on I thought, “Great, this will be easy. Academician is a synonym for the noun usage of academic, right? I can just say, “see academic,” make some lousy joke about my laziness (I always aim for something above lousy in my humor, but I usually miss the mark), and move on.

Academician is a synonym for the noun usage of academic, but it completely slipped my mind until I checked my understanding of academician in the dictionary that it also has another meaning. An academician is a member of an academy. That academy can be an institute of higher learning, making an academician in one of those academies also an academic, but it doesn’t have to be.

This presents a problem for me. Academy is the next word in the dictionary so I don’t want to talk about it here and then be left with nothing to say in the next entry. The problem is that there is something I want to say about academicians, but it won’t make sense unless I first talk about academies.

This is a dilemma, but it’s my problem not yours. I’ll figure it out.


[**Sitting in his lonely writer’s cubbyhole, also known as the spare-bedroom-turned-into-an-office in his condo, he hums quietly all of four concertos of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons while he tries to puzzle it out.**]


OK. I’ve decided. I’m going to put off saying anything more about academicians until I get to the entry on academy. That will, as they callously and with extreme prejudice against birds say, kill two birds with one stone. It will leave me something to write in the academy entry, while also satisfying my ever-present urge to procrastinate.

I apologize to anyone who is fervently awaiting my further words on this subject, but considering that that is probably an empty set, I don’t feel too bad about it.

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