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Accelerate means to speed up or cause to happen sooner.

If you’ve been paying close attention to this project, which would make you unique, you might have noticed an example of something accelerating. I increased the frequency of postings of entries here from four a day to six a day, thereby bringing closer the day when I’ll get to the words starting with “ad”. In other words, I accelerated the posting of entries to accelerate the date of completion of this project.

(Or some reasonable facsimile of completion because, let’s face it, I’m either going to give up or die long before I get to the end of the dictionary. Of course, I probably could have left out the “or die” part, because it’s a subset of giving up. Dying is the ultimate form of quitting. The only difference is that giving up is usually voluntary. Dying usually isn’t.)

Legal note: Stating here that I have accelerated the posting of entries does not legally bind me to maintaining my current, faster pace. If I get bogged down I may slow down, likely before I get to the word decelerate.

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