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What I want to know is, did the person who came up with the word accidence do it on purpose? One wonders or, at least, I wonder because, despite being pronounced pretty much the same as accidents and appearing, based solely on the spelling, to be derived from the word accident, it has absolutely nothing to do with accidents.

Accidence is the part of grammar that has to do with inflections, i.e., changes in the forms of words. These inflections may change the tense, gender, mood, number or other aspects of the word’s form.

Now you know. Then gain, maybe you already knew. In that case, you knew before now. In which case you still know, but saying “now you know” would be misleading because it implies that you were previously ignorant.

That last paragraph was nonsense, wasn’t it? I’m going to leave it as is because, hell, it’s not easy to pad these entries enough to make them look to the casual observer as if they have some substance. Considering how difficult that is, you’ve got to expect that crap like the preceding paragraph will occasionally ooze out of me, if you’ll excuse the disgusting imagery. And, even if you won’t excuse it, it will still sometimes ooze out of me.

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