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You might, but almost certainly will not, find it ironic that, at time of writing, I had not yet received any accolades as a result of undertaking this project.

If you don’t know the meaning of ironic (and many of the people who think they know don’t) then be patient. In the exceptionally unlikely event that I live that long and don’t give up on this project before I die, I will be writing an entry on the word ironic in a few decades. Or, you could beat the rush and look it up yourself.

But this is a definition of the word accolade, not ironic or irony.

Accolade has a couple of somewhat related meanings. Although, I suspect the relationship is clearer if you are on drugs. I don’t do drugs so it appears rather tenuous to me.

For one, an accolade is a ceremony during which a man is knighted. (Yes, I used the word “man” in the preceding sentence. By definition, knights are always men. I know it’s discriminatory, but that’s the way it is. The female equivalent is called a Dame, which is also what fellas in movies from the 1930s to the 1950s  disrespectfully called women. It hardly seems fair does it? At least the female version of a knight, a Dame, is usually capitalized, so there’s that. It’s not much compensation, but it’s something. It’s not my rule. Sue the people in the Middle Ages who came up with knighthoods, not me.)

I must admit—in truth, I don’t have to admit it, but I’m going to anyway—that I could never be the guest of honor at an accolade. As part of the ceremony, the monarch touches the soon-to-be knight on his shoulder with a swords. Being highly neurotic, I’d be petrified with fear over the possibility that the monarch’s hand would slip and slash off my arms with the sword.

This likely isn’t going to be a problem in my lifetime because I’ve never had to fight off a king or queen who wanted to knight me. I suspect I never will, although it would be nice if a monarch showed a little courtesy and offered me a knighthood. I’m just saying.

An accolade is also a, sometimes formal, expression of strong praise or conferral of an honor.

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