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In this entry on accommodation I’m tempted to simply say, “Accommodation is a noun meaning what you do to accommodate someone or something or the result of accommodating him, her or it. Accommodate was the previous entry. Look it up. you’ll figure it out”

However, if that was all I said and people miraculously find this entry, they might complain that, after performing a Web search for the word accommodation, they made the incredibly great effort of clicking on the link that brought them here. After all that work, now that they are here, they feel the need for more than just a reference to the entry on accommodate.

As much as I would like to accommodate these people, I’m not going to because I’m even lazier than they are, impossible though that may seem. For those of you who missed it and are too lazy to refer back to either of the previous two paragraphs, here’s the link to the word accommodate.

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