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An accomplice is someone who assists someone else, usually, but not necessarily in a criminal act.

Accomplices play second fiddle to the main players in nefarious deeds, but accomplices shouldn’t let that get to them. Accomplices are staple fare in crime films and television shows. So they should always include their accomplice jobs on their résumés. You never know. Their experience might lead to exciting careers in Hollywood, right after they get out of jail.

And that’s not the only benefit of being an accomplice.

The sentence that ends this paragraph is going to seem like a non sequitur, but bear with me. I promise to make it fit. Many insecure people often lament that “nobody believes in me.”

That’s not a problem for accomplices. Someone will always believe in them even if they don’t exist. Don’t believe me? Google “conspiracy theories” or, for something more specific, “conspiracy grassy knoll.” I’ll wait while you do that.

See what I mean?

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