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To accomplish something is to successfully do it. The goal of this project is to write something about every word in the dictionary in alphabetical order. I’ve been called a pessimistic person many times in my life, and that may be true. Nevertheless, I think it’s realistic, rather than pessimistic, to say that my efforts here won’t provide an example of accomplishing something.

On that topic, this project was probably a mistake. It’s nice to accomplish objectives. That won’t happen here. In undertaking this writing exercise I broke my cardinal rule on how to accomplish a great many things in your life: set easy goals.

For example, my goal every morning and every evening before I go to sleep is to brush my teeth. Boom. I’ve accomplish at least two things every single day. My goal is to take a shower every morning. Boom. Another goal accomplished every day.

Have a bowl of cereal in the morning? I accomplish that more often than not.

Have a prodigious sex life? Alright, not so much. But failure to accomplish doesn’t get in the way of my fantasizing.

The point I was trying to make before I got sidetracked by thoughts of sex or, rather, lack thereof was that by counting your mundane, almost automatic activities as goals there’s almost no limit to how much you can accomplish.

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