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Note to all car dealers other than Honda: This would be a great page for you to sponsor. How many people do you think will be searching the Internet looking for a discussion of the word accord? Probably next to none.

If people are searching for accord, I’ll bet they are looking for an Accord—the car from Honda—not the word accord. Here’s your chance to try to lure away some of those prospective car buyers.

And, while I’m on the subject, what the hell is wrong with Honda? Surprisingly, it’s not mentioned under the entry for accord in the dictionary I’m using. Why didn’t Honda pay a fat product placement fee to get its car listed as one of the definitions of accord?

Many publishers are hurting these days. I bet one or two dictionary publishers would be willing to sell out and accept an Accord product placement fee.

But enough about the auto industry. There are also a few non-Honda definitions of the word accord.

Accord can be a verb that means to grant something. For example, “She accorded him permission to pick up the check at dinner. Wasn’t that nice of her?”

As a verb, accord can also mean to give something, usually something intangible, like power. An example of this usage might be, “The potentate was accorded the powers of state by the electorate when he threatened to have his troops kill everyone who voted for anyone else.”

Hey, don’t look at me like that. They have dictionaries in countries ruled by brutal dictators too. I wanted to give this word some meaning for them too.

When used with the preposition with, accord can also mean to be consistent with. For example, “Sure, he’s a monster. But the murder and mayhem that he commits is in accord with his beliefs in the rightness of his brutal dictatorship.” OK. I think I’ve done enough catering to brutal dictatorships.

Accord can also be a noun; one that has nothing to do with cars. An accord is a formal treaty, such as a peace treaty, an armistice agreement or a trade agreement.

Accords are usually signed at some political level, not by individuals. For example, if you sign an agreement to lease a Honda Accord that agreement is usually not referred to as an accord.

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