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according as

What upper class twits use according as in everyday conversation, or even occasionally in formal discourse for that matter? Anyone? I doubt it.

It’s a formal way of saying “depending on whether.” I’ll admit that that was news to me when I got to this entry.

An example would be, “My use of expressions such as according as varies according as how snobbish I’m feeling at the time.”

Who the hell talks like that?

I say, banish according as from the dictionary. I bet nobody will notice. I know I won’t because this was the first time I came across the expression and as soon as I’m done with this entry, I’m done with according as.


  1. Comment by Rum Punch Drunk:

    Using the word this way is just too much for me. My education does not allow it. After you’re done with the word, so am I. Why is life so completed mate. When people speak like that I just say ‘well, whatever’…

    • Comment by Joel:

      Yeah, I know of what you speak. Like, well, whatever.

      P.S.: And congratulations on being the first commenter here! I don’t mean just on this entry, but on the entire project.

      Sorry. There are no prizes for that.

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