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To accumulate means to collect together. Some people accumulate crap. I don’t mean that literally, of course. Accumulating literally crap would be sick, which is not to say nobody does it. There are a lot of horribly sick people in the world.

It’s just that I’d just rather not have them as friends if I can help it. Or, if they are friends, I don’t want them to show me the excrement they’ve accumulated.

No, I am referring to people, often called packrats, who accumulate things that have no apparent value to anyone other than themselves. And if you asked those accumulators the value of the things they accumulated most of them would be hard-pressed to explain that value in a way that any rational person would understand.

As for me, I tend to naturally accumulate dust bunnies, junk mail, magazines and other papers. And then there’s also my accumulated soap scum. But that’s not being a packrat. That’s being a slothful bastard who is too lazy to bother to clean up and throw that crap out., figuratively speaking, of course.

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