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An accumulation is the pile of stuff that was accumulated. Although, it’s not necessarily literally a pile. It could, for example, also be money in your bank account. Or it could be spread out rather than piled up. But you get the point.

If I said any more about this meaning of accumulation it would be solely to pad this entry on accumulation and you wouldn’t want that, now would you? So I won’t go on about it. Hey, wait. Who made you the boss?

Accumulation could also refer to increase of something that is added to either regularly or in increasing amounts. (No, I didn’t break my promise to not go on about it. This is a different definition of accumulation.)

You can also use accumulation as a verb. An illustration of this in practical use might be, “He continued his accumulation of string until everyone thought he was crazy. This didn’t take long because most people already thought he was crazy. Extending it to everyone wasn’t a giant leap.”

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