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The first definition that the dictionary I’m using gives for accumulative is, simply, cumulative. It’s probably going to be at least a couple of years until I get to cumulative in this project. I hope you can wait that long because if I don’t press on I’ll never get there. And then where we all be?

I know, I know. The suspense is killing you. But you’ll just have to follow along and wait. Or you could look it up in a dictionary yourself. The choice is up to you, as it always has been.

The second, and final definition, of accumulative in my dictionary is having a natural tendency to accumulate or exhibiting a pattern of accumulating.

I would like to say that money in my bank account is an example of something that is accumulative. But it’s currently not. You could help change that by clicking on the U.S. or Canadian store tab above and then stuff from the Amazon store you find there. I get a referral fee if you do. <End of sales pitch.>

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