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Accursed is a word for people who have more letters than they know what to do with. It means cursed.

Why people feel the need to tack the extra ac on the front of cursed to make accursed when it means the same thing is beyond me. Indigent people in hot, humid climates suffer terribly from the lack of AC and here are people who just throw it around willy-nilly. It’s shameful, if you ask me.

Come to think of it, I should probably go back and write the same thing in the accumulative entry, because one of the definitions of accumulative definitions is cumulative. But, never mind, I’m too lazy and you probably didn’t notice it. That is, you probably didn’t notice it until I mentioned it just now. Curses.

But now I’m just being silly. Let’s move on.

Accursed has another meaning as well, namely abhorrent. At least that doesn’t make flippant, wasteful use of a spare AC. I’m sure we’re all thankful of that.

In this context accursed tends to get used—sometimes, but not always, fairly—to describe people like telemarketers, used car salespeople, politicians and people on street corners shrieking at the tops of their lungs that you are cursed if you don’t follow the teachings of God, Jesus, Mohammad, or whomever. (Am I, out of respect, supposed to capitalize the W and make it Whomever? I’m not always up to date in the latest trends of political correctness.)

At least the shriekers on the street don’t scream that you’re accursed. Thankfully, they know how to conserve AC.

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