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I’m fairly certain that I’ve never used the word accusative before. That’s a good thing. I would have gotten it wrong. I would have assumed it meant tending to or having a propensity to hurl accusations wildly thither and yon.

That just goes to show what an illiterate idiot I am. It means nothing of the sort.

Accusative is a term that would be well known to grammarians, unless they are lousy grammarians. Then they might not have a freaking clue.

An accusative is an element of grammar that expresses the direct object of a verb or the object of some prepositions.

Me is an accusative pronoun. I is not. It’s a nominative pronoun. That is to say that “I” is a nominative pronoun, not that “it” is a nominative pronoun. But, come to think of it, “it” can be used as either a nominative or an accusative pronoun, so there you go.

The word accusative can also be used as an adjective meaning that the thing that it is describing is a grammatical accusative.

Accusative and nominative cases are much more important in some other languages because you have to use different verb forms for nominative and accusative cases in those languages.

If it sounds like I know what the hell I’m talking about, good! That’s exactly what I wanted to do, i.e., sound like I know what the hell I’m talking about. In truth, I don’t. Despite being a writer by trade, a lot of the mental masturbation of academic discussions of esoteric grammar issues goes right over my head. Maybe that’s because I’m short, but probably it’s because that stuff bores the hell out of me so I never bothered to try to understand it.

Do you care about accusatives? Likely not. All you care about is whether you talk good.

(I tried, but I can’t stop myself from putting in a parenthetical note here. I’m petrified that some people will not realize that, yes, I know that the last sentence in the preceding paragraph was grammatically incorrect. I intended it as a lame joke. Or,  rather, I intended it as a joke. It just happened to turn out to be lame. If you didn’t know that that sentence was grammatically incorrect then I suggest you look up the difference between good and well. Even I knew that.)

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