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If you accustom someone (possibly yourself) to something you make them comfortable with it through repeated experience of it.

For example, I am now uncomfortable with it, but I plan to accustom myself to the practice of filling in mindless drivel in any entries in this project when I can’t think of anything pithy or funny to say about the word I’m working on.

I hate to waste people’s time. Nevertheless, I’ve undertaken this project and I’m becoming increasingly committed to it. Yet, not every word is going to trigger something meaningful or entertaining in my mind. But how will people feel if they come here and find an empty space in the entry for a word? They’ll probably feel cheated and I don’t want people to feel cheated.

Then again, this is probably irrelevant because, based on early results, it’s highly unlikely that anyone is ever going to find his or her way here to read this.

Remind me, what was I saying? I lost my train of thought. Oh, yes. I’ve got to accustom myself to writing drivel for entries where nothing else comes to mind, such as with the word accustom. Otherwise, the guilt will gnaw away until it consumes me.

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