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Jeez, I just got finished writing an entry on the word accustom, in which I admitted that I was just filling in space because the word accustom brought no interesting or entertaining thoughts to mind. And what does the dictionary throw at me next? Accustomed, that’s what.

The dictionary clearly has it in for me. Yes, me personally.

Well, let’s see what I can come up with.

For one, accustomed is the past tense of the verb accustom. Not much to say there. See the entry on accustom and, as you’re reading it, keep in mind that I wrote that in the past in the past. That should work.

Accustomed is also an adjective meaning that you or, rather, the thing that the adjective is attached to has become accustomed to something, i.e. you are now comfortable with the situation, whereas you weren’t comfortable with it before. Um, not much more to say about that beyond what I said in the accustom entry, is there?

This is going nowhere fast, isn’t it?

Ah ha! I think I’ve got it! Accustomed can also mean habitual.

Nope. Got nothing on that either.

Then again, I’ve made statements about not having anything to say in other entries in this project too. I hope that sort of thing is not becoming habitual, i.e. I hope it is not becoming the accustomed response for entries here. There you go.

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