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What can one say about acetylene that hasn’t already been said millions of times before? Probably quite a bit because how many people talk about acetylene other than welders? Probably not a lot.

Despite there being a lot of stuff to say about acetylene that hasn’t already been said many times before, I don’t know any of it. So I’ll give the definition and leave it pretty much at that.

Acetylene is a clear gas, that is used as fuel in welders’ torches. It’s also used as feedstock in the making of some organic chemicals. Acetylene is often said to have a pungent odor, but the ultimate source of all truth in the world, Wikipedia, tells me that pure acetylene has no odor. Impurities in the acetylene give it its usual funk.

(OK, OK. I hear you. Wikipedia isn’t guaranteed to be 100 percent accurate. Any idiot can put stuff in there. Many of them probably do. If the odor or lack thereof of pure acetylene is important information for you, you might want to confirm it with an independent reliable source. I’m sure my lawyer would have told me to say that if I had a lawyer.)

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