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In the entry on the word acid I suggested you wait until this entry before you threw around the word acidic. I didn’t want you to embarrass yourself by using acidic incorrect. It seems you needn’t have bothered. Acidic means pretty much what you would expect it to mean. Sorry to make you wait.

Acidic means having the properties of acid. I could repeat those properties here to  pad out this entry, but if you’ve been following along in this little project, you’re probably getting bored already. Although, the “getting” part has likely long passed. I know I’m getting bored and I’m writing these entries, so I don’t want to drag it out. So, if you’ve already forgotten the properties of acids, you can look in the preceding entry.

Acidic can also refer to a particular type of rock music. I would write more about that but I always wear heavy-duty earplugs whenever I get within a couple of miles of this kind of music, so I’m probably not the right person to ask.

And, finally, acidic can mean sour-tasting. The New Penguin English Dictionary(1986) also gave that as one of the definitions of acid. Acidic sounds more like an adjective to me than acid, so I’d go with acidic if I were you. Or you could just avoid sour-tasting stuff altogether and you won’t have to talk about it.

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