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Wow, this dictionary I’m using has a thing for acid. So far, there have been five acid-related words or terms in a row, acid, acidic, acidify, acid test and now acidulate. And I happen to know that the next word coming up, acidulous, comes from the acid root.

With all of these acid-related words appearing in the dictionary, I wonder what Freud would have said about where the editor’s head was. I wonder what Timothy Leary would have said.

Acidulate means to make something slightly acidic.

And no, that doesn’t mean to take only a small hit of LSD. Don’t do drugs, large or small dose. They can permanently mess up your mind. There, I’ve got my public service message out of the way.

Instead, you can, for example, acidulate water by adding a little mild acid, such as vinegar or a citrus juice, to it. Yes, vinegar and citrus juices all contain some level of acid. If you didn’t already know that, I’ll bet you’ll look at either them or the word acid differently now, won’t you?

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