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If you aren’t interested in military history then you can skip over this entry. Which is not to say that you weren’t allowed to skip over any of the previous entries or that you won’t be allowed to skip over any of the future ones. This is being written in a free country. And, even if you aren’t reading it in a free country, I seriously doubt that your country has any laws that require you to read anything written here. If it does, I might have to send your government a thank you note.

All I meant to say is that ack-ack will be of interest only to those who are interested in or at least mildly curious about military history and, in particular, old weapons. If you aren’t interested in that you probably won’t be missing anything that is of interest to you if you skip over this entry.

Then again, if you are a military weapons buff, you probably already know what ack-ack means. So, basically, nobody is going to be interested in this. I should plow through it quickly then, shouldn’t I?

Ack-ack means antiaircraft. Ack-ack guns were popular back in World War II, but I think the term ack-ack first arose in World War I. However, don’t quote me on that. I got it from an unreliable source.

I’m not sure, but I don’t think ack-ack guns are still in use. I know absolutely nothing about military weaponry, so I may be completely wrong about this, but I suspect that any country that employs ack-ack guns against a sophisticated, modern army is going to lose.

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