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In one of the meanings of acknowledge, to acknowledge something means to accept it as true. How might you use this in a real-life sentence? Well, I’m an atheist so I think that anyone who acknowledges the supremacy of God is misguided. On the other hand, anyone who acknowledges the supremacy of Daffy Duck is a complete moron.

Much to my disappointment, the preamble of the Constitution of Canada, my country, acknowledges the supremacy of God. Needless to say, I’m not at all pleased about my country’s most important document recognizing the supremacy of what I believe to be a fictional character. On the bright side, at least it doesn’t acknowledge the supremacy of Daffy Duck.

To acknowledge something also means to recognize its importance or quality. For example, I might say, “The literary world has finally acknowledged the brilliance of my writing.” I would be lying, but I might say it anyway.

To acknowledge someone means to show a sign that you are aware of that person’s presence. For instance, you might acknowledge someone by doing that asinine, affected pointing thing that some celebrities and politicians do to acknowledge the presence of a particular individual in the crowd, without having to, heaven forbid, come in contact with the plebeian in question.

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