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An acknowledgment is an acceptance of the truth of something or of the importance or quality of something. I had something to say about that in the entry on the word acknowledge, so you can go back and read that. Or not. It’s up to you.

Considering that I earn a minuscule fraction of one cent for the ads shown to you on each page, it doesn’t make much difference to me whether you read it or not. That having been said, I put a bit of effort into it so I would be somewhat pleased if someone—anyone—read it. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Moving on to another definition of acknowledgement, authors or, at least, courteous authors will include an acknowledgements page in their book. This page simply recognizes the help the author has received from others.

Authors who have received help—and almost all of them have had help, at least from a copy editor, if not from researchers and people who offered suggestions—but don’t include an acknowledgements page are, to my mind, properly classified as ungrateful wretches.

(Having said that, my online-only book, Parallel Collective, doesn’t have an acknowledgments page. It’s a purely fictional novel that shoots for the science-fiction humor genre. You be the judge of whether it hit the mark. It came entirely out of my own head. I put up the Web site by myself. Furthermore, I did not use the services of an editor and nobody offered me any suggestions. That probably shows. Nevertheless, I truly didn’t have anyone whose efforts should have been acknowledged.

I did, on the other hand, acknowledge the editor and publisher of my paper-based book, BYTE-ing Satire.

There are no acknowledgements here because I’ve undertaken this writing project entirely on my own. It probably shows.)

An acknowledgement is also a formal statement that something has been received. For example, if you send a company a job application with an accompanying résumé the company might send you back an acknowledgement. This is simply a confirmation that the company received your application and résumé. It doesn’t mean that the bastards will take one freaking minute of their oh, so precious time to read the documents that you put so much time and effort into, let alone hire you. But, seriously, good luck with that.

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