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Here’s one I didn’t know until just now. Aconite, also called monkshood, is a plant of the buttercup family. It has pink or purple flowers. It grows naturally in the temperate reasons of North America. Oh, and it’s poisonous.

How can something in the buttercup family be poisonous? Buttercup is such a pleasant, innocuous-sounding name. How could it kill? It doesn’t seem right. Oh well, I suppose all families have one or two relatives that they don’t like to talk about. I guess aconite is the black sheep of the buttercup family.

Holy crap! Strike that. I just looked up buttercup. All plants in the buttercup family are poisonous. So it’s not that aconite is the black sheep of the family. The hole family is no damn good.

I honestly hadn’t heard of aconite before writing this entry. If I accidentally eat some, at least now I’ll know what to call, with my dying breath, the thing that killed me. So there’s that.

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