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They say, “out of a little acorn a mighty oak grows.” But they say a lot of crazy-assed stuff, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up if I were you.

If you look in a dictionary it will tell you that an acorn is the fruit of an oak tree.

If you ask a normal person, he or she will tell you, “Are you out of your frigging mind? A fruit is a peach, an apple, an orange or something like that—something that you can easily sink your teeth into without having to do anything more than remove an easy-to-peel peel. An acorn is a nut, idiot. And it’s not a nut that I would ever think to eat.”

They’d be partly right. An acorn is a nut. Where they’re wrong is that a nut is, technically speaking, a subset of fruits. It’s just a fruit with a hard peel, usually called a shell.

Now you know. But you probably still don’t care.

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