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Acrid means having a very unpleasant smell or taste.

Acrid can also refer to a person or an action. In this case it means extremely harsh in manner or speech.

So, for example, if a host served you some particularly acrid food and you thought she did it intentionally, your manner may turn acrid and you may toss some acrid comments her way. If, in fact, her poor culinary skills, rather than intent, led to the acrid food and she wasn’t aware that it was acrid because she hadn’t yet tasted it, she might become upset with your tone seeing as though she was kind enough to host you and serve you food.

Fisticuffs may ensue. You may be thrown out of her house or the police might be called to drag you out and arrest you for assault. Therein might end a beautiful friendship. It is, therefore, best to try to avoid acrid food, manner and conversation.

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